July 12, 2024


Mnqobi Yazo – UBHOKO Full Album Download
Mnqobi Yazo – UBHOKO Full Album Download
  • Artist: Mnqobi Yazo
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 15 minutes, 19 Songs
  • Genre: Maskandi Music
Mnqobi Yazo, unveils his latest musical project, “UBHOKO.” This expansive album, comprising nineteen tracks, is not just a collection of songs; it’s a testament to Mnqobi Yazo’s artistry within the rich tapestry of Maskandi music.

In “UBHOKO,” Mnqobi Yazo takes listeners on an immersive journey through the traditional yet vibrant sounds of Maskandi. The title, which translates to “journey” or “route” in English, suggests a musical expedition that invites audiences to traverse the diverse landscapes of Maskandi, exploring themes of life, love, and culture.

The nineteen tracks within the project are likely to showcase Mnqobi Yazo’s vocal prowess, storytelling ability, and mastery of Maskandi instrumentation. Maskandi, deeply rooted in Zulu traditions, often incorporates intricate guitar melodies and heartfelt narratives, creating an authentic and emotive experience for listeners.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Ubhoko (intro)

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – I Believe

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo ft Olefied Khetha – iQhude

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo ft Yallunder – Insingizi

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Shwele

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Nxese

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – May’babo

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – déjà vu

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Icilongo

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Juice

11. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Ilanga

12. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo ft Njilour – Izintaba

13. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Giya

14. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo ft Ndabaz – Ngabe Wejabule

15. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo ft Igcokama elisha – Umkhov’etsheni

16. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Langa Limbe

17. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Nondaba

18. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Ijoka

19. DOWNLOAD MP3: Mnqobi Yazo – Qina Zulu (Outro)

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